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A Big Leap Towards Marketing Foresight

Brands grow and evolve over a period of time. In the course of this, they face defining moments of change and find themselves at a strategic crossroads, when this challenging moment is called a “strategic inflection point” - a term coined by Andrew Grove, the former Intel CEO and author of modern classic, “Only the Paranoid Survive”.  There  are times when brand owners find themselves confronted with a great self-defining challenge that can only be met by responding to (in some introspective detail) questions like: 

1. What is most important to us right now that would serve our customers? 

2. Where–and what–do we hope to be in three, five and ten years into the future? 

3. What do we do when we get there? 

4. How will we assess our success along the way? 

Sometimes the strategic direction is clear, while at other times it is far from perceptible even to those at the top of the organization. In the mad rush to manage change, to create powerful brands and brand images, companies spend tons of money reinventing themselves with ambitious marketing and advertising plans long before taking the most important first step -- knowing exactly what it is they are seeking to build upon -- their brand’s foundation.  This substructure of a brand’s foundation is not built on physical materials, product features and the like, but fashioned from the intangible, dynamic forces that are nearly impossible to define and quantify, yet hold the keys to greater brand meaning and understanding. The intuitive process of brand re-alignment and re-definition is often under-valued by metrics obsessed financial managers.  “I didn’t invent brand image.  I pinched it,” he volunteered.  He took the idea from an article in the Harvard Business Review by two academics, Burleigh Gardner and Sidney Levy, and put it into his own sweeping terms:  “Every advertisement is part of the long-term investment in the personality of the brand.”  The concept was not entirely new in advertising circles, but after putting the spotlight on it, Ogilvy was dubbed the “apostle of the brand image.”  

Brands took on greater importance as products themselves became increasingly similar, and branding became central in advertising discussions, eventually entering the language in worlds far removed from marketing.  In-Shop Branding is a novel way of advertising, which includes advertisement in any retail store, placement of a product in visible locations in a store etc. In-Shop Branding is a sort of showcasing of eye-catching displays promoting a specific product, with the information or the specific usage of respective product. 

Media Management

In today’s time visibility is key. What is seen is what is sold. We arrange your brand communication to be placed at sites vulnerable to eyeball hits. A complete media plan is etched out keeping the geographics and objectives in view.

Media Buying

We help you in negotiating your outdoor placements to the suppliers. Through our professional expertise in buying the most exquisite, yet cost-effective places, we give you the edge for the maximum reach out. Our wide network helps you to execute your proceedings with the best possible standards.

Creative Services

Creativity is our innate capability. Creativity plays a vital role in outdoor activity. Outdoor promotions require an image / concept, that compels the audience to ‘Wait and Watch’ and this becomes possible with Drishti.


Banners are the types of flags which display a message, caption or slogan generating a curiosity among the audience. Drishti works in designing and placement of these banners at strategic locations. Cloth banners or plastic banners, whatever your requirement is we do it all. So colour the city with your own colour.


The largest of all outdoor promotion strategies, hoardings attract the maximum amount of attention. Drishti designs and develops the entire range of hoarding as a part of its outdoor media strategy and helps you choose the right location too.


Our association with ace photographers, and artists makes good at what we do. We create backdrops for corporate meetings, hotels, productions and interiors. Use our creativity to design the backdrops as per your requirements.

Bus Shelters/Public Utilities

Bus shelter/ PU advertising has grown out to be a very popular outdoor advertising approach. This is a potent medium to surprise, excite and engage the customers. Drishti helps you in designing the concepts. With our creative edge you get to set yourself in the memory of the customers with increased visibility.

Digital Screens

The highly interactive digital screens make your message appealing to the audience. A digital screen with a catchy caption and a communicative image makes your advertisement noticeable. Digital Screens enjoy the maximum visibility during the evenings. Drishti helps you in making your expenditure worthwhile with high level of creativity and interactivity.


Kiosks are the small billboards placed on poles alongside the roads. The kiosks may be simple or glow sign. They further increase the visibility of your product. Kiosks should be crisp ‘n catchy, so that they can be read at the pass of a second, while a person is passing by. Kiosks can also be used as a teaser before the launch of the product to create hype.


An event management agency is known by its creativity coupled with flawless management and delivery. Drishti is one of the most effective event management agencies that provides you the edge to make your statement sans the hassles. As one of the top event management companies of the country, we offer Event Planning, Event Management and Event Marketing Services for Corporate Events, Sports Events, Marketing Events, Conferences, Exhibitions, Consumer Shows, Product Launches, BTL activations, On Ground Engagement activities, etc.

About Us

Drishti is an integrated marketing communications agency with five key areas of specialisation. Our core service areas cover Brand Management,  Communication and Print Design, Event Design and Management, Online Branding and Marketing, E and Communication. 

Media Management

In today’s time visibility is the key. What is seen is what is sold. We arrange your brand communication to be placed at sites vulnerable to eyeball hits. As a dedicated advertising agency in Delhi, we offer complete media planning services that are etched out keeping the campaign objectives in view. We understand advertising and media management and blend it with the intricacies of branding and communication management. The result: we can bring out the best of any brand, B2C or B2B through our advanced media management services and unique media positioning ideas.