Media Management

In today’s time visibility is the key. What is seen is what is sold. We arrange your brand communication to be placed at sites vulnerable to eyeball hits. As a dedicated advertising agency, we offer complete media planning services that are etched out keeping the campaign objectives in view. We understand advertising and media management and blend it with the intricacies of branding and communication management. The result: we can bring out the best of any brand, B2C or B2B through our advanced media management services and unique media positioning ideas.

BTL Activations, Manned Kiosks and On ground Promotion 

As advertising agency continues to sustain itself on a diminishing set of resources, what will be left of these organisations will fall into two categories: the idea generators (makers) and the idea executors (technicians). This change will apply to all agencies, be they advertising, activation, media, PR, content, etc. What is however, important to understand is that any client would prefer a turnkey solution and the ad agency or brand activation agency that is capable of generating and executing would rule the roost.

On ground promotion or experiential marketing holds the key to many questions today. Drishti strives to ideate, generate, innovate and execute to make sure that your brand finds the perfect launch pad. On ground promotions make the right noise, increase the visibility of your product and hence should be crisp ‘n catchy, so that they can be noticed at the pass of a second. These marketing promotions can also be used as a teaser before the launch of the product to create hype. Being a creative ad agency, our branding and communication management strategy applies to even the concepts of a simple onsite design.

Recent Activities